LG U+ is growing as a company by providing quality services and giving back to our community

We aim for the world where customers, suppliers and employees of LG U+ are all happy

Under the growing social responsibilities required to the companies and the growing instabilities of the external environment, LG U+ believes the importance of stakeholder communication. LG U+ is thereby doing its best to constantly communicate with key stakeholders divided into shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, local communities and the government.LG U+ exerts itself to provide the suitable information based on the feedbacks from the stakeholders.

communicaion with stakehokders. Creating shared value:1.Economy(Local community, Customers), 2.Society(Shareholders & investors, Employees), 3.Environment(Government, Suppliers)

Stakeholder communication channels

Shareholders & Investors

We distribute financial earnings to shareholders and investors, create stable profits and endeavor to become a successful long-term partner.

Major communication channel
Regular reports, board meetings, shareholders’ meeting, and IR activities


We provide differentiated products and services, strive to improve customer service through collecting customers’ opinions, and make efforts to strictly protect customers’ privacy.

Major communication channel
Direct management stores, customer centers, customer satisfaction survey, operation of the product experience team, website and SNS


We create healthy labor-management relationship and energetic working environment, make constant efforts to share vision and performance with the employees. We also provide satisfactory welfare system, performance-based remuneration to maximize employee satisfaction.

Major communication channel
Profit sharing committee, labor-management council, in-house notice board, newsletter, blue board, grievance settlement system, safety and healthcare committee, psychology consultation, onsite visit by CEO, employee survey


We make transactions under fair contract terms and share performance with partner firms. We also strive for mutual growth through R&D cooperation.

Major communication channel
Meeting with CEO and executives, mutual growth board, education programs and business support activities, Cybershinmungo, newsletter


We contribute to solving local community issues through diverse social contribution activities that reflect business characteristics. We also help the disadvantaged and strive to make heartwarming community culture.

Major communication channel
Social contribution activities, public campaigns, environmental cleanup activities


We actively participate in round-table meetings and state-funded projects. We also comply with regulations and laws, faithfully pay tax and create indirect economic achievements.

Major communication channel
Round-table meeting, state-funded projects, social security net build-up

Mutual Growth

Enhancing mutual growth with and sustainability of partnering companies
The sustainability of partnering companies is key to enhancing overall competitiveness and accomplishing qualitative progress. LG U+ has established a comprehensive system and procedures to support its partnering companies. The entire company exerts itself to establish a business ecosystem in which the strengthened capabilities of the partners exist in a virtuous cycle with LG U+’ to achieve competitiveness in service and cost.
Fair trade cycle
LG U+ endeavors to create the virtuous cycle of LG U+ developing the capabilities of the partner companies and partner companies raising the competitiveness of LG U+ in return. LG U+ also established an electronic purchasing system to prevent unfair transactions and always practices 5 principles for transparent transaction.
LG U+(Establishment of transaction culture), Partner companies(Partnership based on trust and faith). 1.Selection of partners in a fair and transparent manner, 2.Compliance with the fair transaction, 3.Prohibition of unequal transactions, 4.Establishment and operation of the electronic purchase system, 5.Usage of th standard contract form
Action plan for the sustainability of partner companies
LG U+ is committed to closely cooperating and accomplishing mutual growth with the partner companies. Therefore, LG U+ is providing various programs to the partner companies. Firstly, we offer various support measures in finance, technology, education and purchase sectors. LG U+ strives to grow together with the partner companies by supporting the partner companies’ CSR internalization in a long-term basis and by providing resources to help them secure their own growth engine.
  • Support program for the growth and development of partner companies
    Monetary support
    Mutual growth fund
    Conditions of payment
    Network of loan
    Technical support
    Free transfer of patents
    Document verification service for trade secrets
    Joint technology development
    Operation of LTE Innovation Center
    Education support
    NW job training
    Cyber academy
    Purchasing support
    Warranty insurance exemption
    Supporting the purchase of domestic equipment
  • Mid-and-long-term support program
    CSR support
    Green consulting
    Joint social contribution activities
    Multual growth support system
    Growth support
    Profit sharing
    Quality certification
    Management consulting and Management seminar

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Efforts to touch the heart of customers beyond mere satisfaction
LG U+ has set ’ reating true earnings by establishing and running a top-class customer center’ ’ ustomer first management’ and ’ chieving top-class operation efficiency through continuous improvement practices’ as a mission for customer value creation. We are constantly trying our best to go beyond satisfying our customers and move their hearts with our services.
No.1 Communication Channel for Customers
We shall impress the customers through operating No.1 customer service center. We will create meaningful profits through thoroughly analyzing customer satisfaction factors and dissatisfaction factors and through reducing unnecessary expenses.
Increasing Membership Benefits
In October 1st, 2015, LG U+ launched ’ embership for myself’ to increase the convenience of customers. The new changes in the membership have added diverse new service benefits to customers while keeping the previous ones. Moreover, customers can choose categories of their interest such as movie, food and transportation and enjoy differentiated services of their choice.
Customer Product Experience Programs
LG U+ runs customer product experience programs for employees and its own customers to develop customer-friendly services and to improve the quality of services. Following the 2014 customer product experience programs in which 740 people have experienced 244 assignments of 17 services, 946 people have experienced 325 assignments of 15 services in 2015, contributing to improvement in services.