LG U+ is growing as a company by providing quality services and giving back to our community

LG U+ takes the initiative in environmental protection through its “Green Way” project, LG Group’s vision to create new environmental values

LG U+ is committed to reducing energy and greenhouse gas emission from business activities and to creating new environmental values based on the environmental vision of LG Group, ‘Green Way’.

Green Way
Top 3 management plans
Creation of green business site
Enhancing green business
Extending new green products
Top 5 assignments
Strengthening investment in R&D and facilities : Investment in new green process and technologies
Extending business with low greenhouse gas emission : Extending business with low greenhouse gas emission
Developing high energy efficient products : Developing high energy efficient products
Energy, Living Eco, health care : Energy, Living Eco, health care
Strengthening green partnership : Supporting partner firms' green management system

Green Way Management Future Plans

LG Group’s vision, ‘Green Way’ aims to go beyond the previous green management principle of protecting and preserving nature. The vision consists of top 3 management plans, ‘creation of green business site,’ ‘enhancing green businesses’ and ‘extending new green products.’ LG U+ shall strive to actively participate in ‘Green Way’ by minimizing our management activities’ environmental impact and discovering new growth engines through ICT technology development.

Operation of energy management council

LG U+ is operating a systematic energy management council to continuously pursue green management. Management council which is composed of environment specialist of different divisions monitors and collects related data to achieve mid-and-long-term energy management goals. Moreover, as most of the greenhouse gas emission comes from network facilities due to the characteristics of telecommunication business, we prosecute energy reduction plans in stages by operating a corporate-level reduction council.

Operation of energy management council
  • Overall management of fair competition and business cooperation
  • Overall management of companywide energy reduction
NW division
  • Overall management of NW strategies/support/technology
  • In charge of purchasing at R&D center
  • Reducing network electricity
  • Developing low
  • electricity equipment
  • Calculating emission of wire and wireless equipment
B2B division
  • Corporate telecommuni-cation business
  • Reducing energy and calculating emission from ICT -Vitalizing new green business
  • Overall management support
  • Reducing energy and calculating emission from headquarters and main building
  • Enhancing energy efficiency of main building
Consumer sales division
  • Business for Individual clients and home clients
  • Reducing energy and calculating emission from direct management stores

Participation in Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

LG U+ has been participating in Carbon Disclosure Project since 2013 and is transparently disclosing our activities and results of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Having awarded the CDP carbon management special prize and CDP sector winners award in 2014 in recognition of improvement in CDP scores, LG U+ won the CDP sector winners award that is given to the companies that have remarkably coped with climate change for the two consecutive years. Furthermore, LG U+ was registered in the CDP A-list as one of the top 114 companies among 5,500 global CDP participants for its activities to cope with climate change and was recognized as a global leader of carbon management.