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Autonomous Compliance Program

LG U+ adheres to the Autonomous Compliance Program

The Autonomous Compliance Program is a scheme for telecommunications service providers to autonomously run an internal legal compliance system involving education, training, supervision, etc. to observe the Telecommunications Business Act, thereby ensuring that customers are protected.

Adoptions of the Autonomous Compliance Program by the Korea Communications Commission

In May 2016, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) decided to switch its stance from “sanctioning business operators through investigations” to “allowing the market to regulate itself,” and adopted the Autonomous Compliance Program. The key objective is to induce the related business operators to voluntarily comply with the related laws and regulations. In addition, KCC announced its plans to reduce penalties by up to 10% for business operators by taking into consideration the extent of their implementation of the Autonomous Compliance Program.

Main Details

  • 1.CEO’s Declaration of Autonomous Compliance
    The CEO’s intent is posted on the website of the company to be viewed by the staff and the general public.
  • 2.Appointment of Autonomous Compliance Officer and operation of an advisory organization
    Appoint a person in charge of operating the Autonomous Compliance Program within the company (Autonomous Compliance Officer)
    Set up an autonomous compliance council comprised of executives and employees to serve as an advisory organization to resolve the conflict between the departments with respect to autonomous compliance and to back up the Autonomous Compliance Officer in relation to his/her authorities and responsibilities
  • 3.Production of Autonomous Compliance Handbook
    Produce, distribute and post detailed guidelines for the executives and employees to autonomously comply with the Telecommunications Business Act
  • 4.Education on Autonomous Compliance
    Run education and training programs for the executives and employees to identify violations against the Telecommunications Business Act
  • 5.Creation of Materials Management System
    Record or post the data and information related to autonomous compliance activities
    Clarify the person responsible for the materials that need to be retained
  • 6.Internal Inspections
    Check for violations against the Telecommunications Business Act under the responsibility of the Autonomous Compliance Officer, run periodic inspections of the operation of the Autonomous Compliance Program, etc.

At LG U+, we have been creating an environment for fair competition, in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, and administering regular legal compliance education and training programs to our staff in addition to putting it into practice ourselves, in accordance with our Ethical Management Policy, in recognition of the fact that contributing to the protection of the rights of consumers is what gives a company its competitiveness.

We promise that we’ll continue to consider customers as our No. 1 priority, and faithfully implement the Autonomous Compliance Program, in accordance with the government policy and our own Ethical Management Policy, thereby becoming the No. 1 company in its field that has rightfully earned the trust of its customers.