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Management PhilosophyLG Way

The way to become the market leader is to meet with the customers in the right way

LG way is a guiding principle for every LG employee. At the same time, it is our unique belief in attaining the vision of becoming ‘No.1 LG’ through ‘Jeong-do Management’ that is rooted in ‘Customer Value Creation’ and ‘People-oriented Management’.

No.1 LG. 1.Vision(No.1 LG), 2.Code of conduct(Jeong-do Management), 3.Management philosophy(Customer value creation, People-oriented management)

No.1 LG

"The ultimate goal of LG"

  • "The workplace that talented individuals want to join in"

    LG is the best workplace where top talents work with a sense of ownership

  • "The leader that dominates but to be learned from"

    LG is the dominant leader to be learned from as it creates the best performance through its no.1 management

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